28 June 2007

EGBA welcomes the adoption of a Code of Conduct on sports betting by 23 European Lotteries

The EGBA, representing the main European online gaming and sports betting operators, welcomes the adoption of a code of conduct on sports betting by 23 European lotteries, and calls on the remaining to do the same. EGBA members have already adopted a strict and obligatory code of conduct since 2003 in protecting players, fighting money laundering and gambling addiction in sports betting and all other games offered online.

Private operators have for several years taken strong commitments and actions to offer safe and secured online games and bets. According to Sigrid Ligné, Secretary General of the EGBA, “in the specific case of sport betting, private initiatives such as the European Sports Security Association (www.eu-ssa.org), are already largely contributing to enhance clean and fair sports by alerting the competent sport regulators on irregular betting patterns. ESSA has signed specific cooperation agreements with FIFA, UEFA, and the Royal Belgian Football Association. The EGBA recalls that corruption of sport teams is strongly damaging clubs, gaming operators and players.

By adopting their code of conduct, lotteries are following the example of EGBA members who implemented a strict code of conduct since the creation of the association in 2003. In the frame of corporate responsibility, EGBA members have taken strict measures such as the regular checking of IDs, providing assistance to problem gamblers, implementing the strictest anti money laundering standards, and preventing taking bets on questionable sport events.

press release EGBA

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